Joyful Grooming -

Joyful Grooming
567 South County Trail
Suite 303
Exeter, RI 02822

What to look for at Joyful Grooming:
Open Concept Grooming Studio
Clean and neat equipment and tools
Professional, Educated, and Knowledgeable Staff
Appointment-only grooming
Accommodating pets with special needs

What we would like you to know:

We offer grooming by appointment only.  We strive to begin and end on time. To this end, please drop off and pick up promptly for your appointment.  Each groom takes roughly two hours on average, but sometimes it may take longer or less time.  We prefer to call you 15 minutes before we finish so you may arrive to pick up your pet when they are done.  Note:  Please wait until we call you to arrive for pick up.  If you see your pet on the grooming table upon pick up, please wait until we are finished.  

Professional grooming for many pets is more frequent than visits to your veterinarian.  We are diligent in caring for your pet from nose to tail.  We will ask you about any health or behavioral issues that are important and we will tell you if we have noticed anything out of the ordinary since your last visit.  Everything is documented on your pet's health and grooming card.  Since we can see your pet from all angles while grooming, this is an invaluable tool for many pets as they age.

Please give your pet a potty break before arriving to their appointment. 

Please refrain from bringing treats. We do not offer them during grooming.

We absolutely love what we do and we want to do our very best for you and your pet.  Please let us know how we can better serve you.   

Monday 8 AM - 4 PM*
Tuesday 8 AM - 4 PM* 
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 8 AM - 4 PM*
Friday 8 AM - 4 PM*
Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM*
*Or until last pet leaves

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