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Happy Hoodie

For pets who do not like loud noises, we can use a Happy Hoodie to reduce the noise and cover the ears when getting dried. It makes quite a difference in calming pets down. 


Ear Plucking

To keep the ears free from dirt, wax, and debris, it is best to make sure they are clean and open. to the air. For those with hair in the ear canal, we gently pluck the fine hair from the ear canal. It can be a little uncomfortable, but is not painful.   


Paw Pads

As most pet owners know, a dog's foot can be very ticklish or very sensitive. Imagine getting dirt, twigs, pine needles, pine tar or clumps of snow stuck on your feet and then trying to walk around barefoot. Not so comfortable. It is important to keep the pads neat and trimmed as often as possible. When it grows longer than the pad, it becomes uncomfortable for your dog to walk on it..





Cats are famous for licking themselves, but just like dogs, licking is not the same as grooming. A waxy, oily, or flaky coat can build up leading to mats, unpleasant smells and the look of an untidy or unhealthy cat.

Regular grooming for cats offers an easy way to maintain a cat's coat and is a wonderfully healthy way to care for your cat.

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